ACO Comfort – Acosta Sandals


 Made In Portugal

Adjustable Flats

Podiatrist choice

Removable insert



ACO Comfort – Acosta Sandals

ACO SHOES footwear is internationally recognized for its comfort, design and functionality, combining both style and fashion perfectly.

The Spring, Summer and Autumn, Winter collections include the production of various styles and models,

ranging from the most classic and traditional to the most daring and casual.

A shoe is only comfortable if it is not too loose or too tight and ACO SHOES footwear makes the difference by adjusting to the shape and contours of the feet,

providing comfort throughout the day thanks to technological innovation and to the strict application of genuine materials.

Aco Comfort By Vago Sandals Blue Made In Portugal.

Adjustable Flats, Podiatrist choice.

Removable insert.


ACO Comfort

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