Gym Custom Orthotics


These two gym specific designs will improve your workout experience!

The Aerobic Classes model can improve stability, reduce pain throughout the leg and help prevent injuries in fast-paced cardio classes.

The Weight Training model can help improve squat mechanics, reduce pain throughout the leg and minimize the risk of injury in your weightlifting sessions.

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Shoes with removable insert

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Black faux leather
Gray bamboo with silpure anti microbial protection
Genuine leather (black only)
Lunasoft for added comfort an durability
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Product Benefits

Supports the foot when lifting weights but flexes and returns energy when moving dynamically.

  • Ideal for Zumba, Step, Circuit, TRX, CrossFit, Weightlifting or machine workouts (two different models)
  • A full-length custom orthotic designed to outperform a removable footbed
  • Works with any athletic footwear used in the gym


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